Sphalerite jewelry


Although sphalerite is a soft gem and it's usually not used in jewelry, some designers get captivated by the beauty of this gem and some very skilled jewelers are capable to set this soft stone in precious metal mounting.

In this section we publish some spectacular examples of such artistic work, with credits to the authors.



18K yellow gold earrings featuring multi-colored Sphalerite (14.87 ct)
accented with Diamonds (.42 ct), by Brent Malgarin, Elegant Gems, Ltd., Woodway, WA.


These beautiful earrings won Manufacturing Honors Award in the 2013 AGTA Spectrum Awards Competition, Evening wear section. They also won the "Buyers Choice Award" at the 2013 AGTA Tucson Show!



Sphalerite jewelry by Jorge Rojas



18K gold pendant with 38 ct sphalerite, "Markoh-i-noor" cut designed by Marco Voltolini,
faceted by Egor Gavrilenko (gem-sphalerite.com)

One of our sphalerites mounted in 18K gold pendant by Spanish jeweler Jorge Rojas. He wanted to use this spectacular but soft Spanish stone for his creations and he invented a very original technique for that, using gold rods and laser welding, so the stones don’t suffer any pressure in setting procedure, and the mounting itself protects the soft stones from blows and scratches!

360 view
See also a 360º interactive image of this jewel
(you can move it with mouse and zoom in)!



Sphalerite jewelry by Lisi Fracchia


Sphalerite Dream collection by jewelry designer Lisi Fracchia reveals the beauty of precision cut gem sphalerite in elegant minimalistic designs. Playing with warm and variable colors of Spanish sphalerites cut buy Egor Gavrilenko, she is able to deliver to her customers these little pieces of Spanish sun! 


sphalerite earrings lisi fracchia

Sphalerite and diamond earrings by Lisi Fracchia,
with six brilliant cut sphalerites weighting 1.4 to 1.7 ct each one.


sphalerite pendant by lisi fracchia

Sphalerite, green tourmaline and citrine quartz pendant by Lisi Fracchia.


sphalerite ring by lisi fracchia

Sphalerite and diamond ring by Lisi Fracchia, sphalerite weight 1.96 ct, diameter 7.1 mm