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Faceted sphalerites are usually much prettier in person than in photos or videos!...

Their extremely high luster and dispersion are very dificult to represent through the lens.

We place here some examples of custumers' comments about the stones from this site:



Today the stones arrived here safely - and they are all great - superb luster and 3 different colors, can´t tell which one i like more! That’s how it should be :-) So thanks for them! If you have new sphalerites cut please let me know, maybe I will buy some more.


I am THRILLED! Amazing stones, simply no other way to say it!! I am bowled over by green brilliant. I think even in a dark room with only a pinprick of light this stone would play! Superior color.

Some of the inclusions in "bright angel" break the surface and though clearly visible, they just add character to this natural wonder. Incredible stone.

And of course another standout, Brilliant cut  which I feel is the perfect mix of yellow/orange! Blinding fire! No matter what light I take them to, they thrill me. The depth and complexity of color is utterly captivating.

I am glad I have an assortment of the different cuts. They all excite me, each is uniquely special. Thank you Egor, you possess much talent and an incredible eye!



Perfection, nature’s incredible creation in the hands of your expert cutting and polish, simply exquisite. I am enthralled, cannot stop looking at them! I adore the rough piece as well, extraordinary. Thank you most sincerely. I will shop with you again soon!



Ooooo!!! My faceted stone is BEAUTIFUL!!!! So clear and sparkly! I can't stop looking at it and admiring it! I am so pleased I chose this stone. Thanks for your assistance in helping me to decide.



I received the stone, and i am very impressed, thank you very much, I have never seen sphalerite this size and quality so readily available keep up the great work thanks!



It is perfect!!!!! I am enthralled with all of them!! You are a superb artist, the cutting is amazing! Thank you again. I will continue to watch your site :)


Just a quick email to let you know I received my sphalerite (the emerald cut) the other day with no problems. As expected, it's a stunner and the cutting is very nicely done! :)



The cutting is magnificent, astoundingly beautiful. What few inclusions exist are almost entirely beneath the table and virtually imperceptible. In my opinion a few inclusions add character and while clean is desirable for most stones, a few of nature’s blemishes are fine with me:) This stone is everything you said, everything the images portrayed, I am happy!



The Sphalerite rough arrived yesterday and I must say that it is a beautiful Mineral, and can"t wait to cut it. Can you help with a suggestion for pavilion mains and crown main angles. I love the Bright Angel cut and the Fancy cut. I hope to order a large piece very soon. Your pictures and videos are very good.



I´m nearly lost for words! As expected the shipment arrived today and I was very very curious about the gems. Now I´m nearly lost for words!

Rhodochrosite: I own two other fine stones of rhodochrosite - one in pinky red, one in darker red - this orangey red one completes my colour line and I feel happy about it!

Sphalerite: oh, how should I express my impression! Great? Cool? Super? Excellent? It´s a fantastic gem! Such a wonderful dispersion! From yellow to orange to red, green to blue (and I also believe that I see a little turquoise?).  I´m fascinated of its fire! Oh, I love these yellowish green sphalerites! I was of the mind that smaller stones often have more dispersion than the bigger ones - this stone changed my idea, although it has a lot of little inclusions one could not see with the naked eye. I have to take care not to become addicted!



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