Amethyst, "Sakura" cut, 5.21ct -SOLD

Very nice amethyst, original cut, fantastic brilliance!
Unique stone for special designer jewelry!

Weight: 5.21 ct
Size: 12.3 x 11.7 x 8.6 mm
Color: light violet
Clarity: loupe clean, very slight color zonning
Cut: original "Sakura 80" design by Marco Voltolini, precision faceting quality, faceted by Egor Gavrilenko
Treatments: not treated
Origin: Brazil
Price: SOLD


Comments: Custom cut stones have original designs, high precision of work ("meet-point faceting") and very good polish quality. These characteristics provide them really unique appearence in comparison with traditional "comercial cut" stones. To read more follow this link.


Amethyst Sakura 80 design


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